The Fine Silver Image:
Exposure to Print
June 1 – 5, 2022
Santa Fe, New Mexico


An expressive silver print begins with a strong composition and a solid negative. The composition tells a story, shares a reaction or feeling, and it shows attention to detail in how the various elements in the scene relate. A solid negative contains all the information necessary to create a final print that successfully gives voice to your vision.

In this five-day inspirational workshop, participants will lay the foundation for creating a tonally rich silver image, from understanding exposure and the Zone System, to the successful use of filters, to how choice of lens position impacts the structure of the image.

Under the patient and expert guidance of Alan Ross, Ansel Adams’ last field assistant and a master in traditional film photography himself, you will explore the photographic concepts and techniques essential to the creation of a meaningful silver image that represents your vision. The workshop will be a blend of field sessions to some of Santa Fe’s most visually interesting sites, image review, film processing and darkroom printing.

Among the Topics Covered

  • Equipment choice and its impact on your final image
  • Evaluating and isolating the elements of a scene
  • Translating what’s in front of you to what’s in your mind’s eye
  • Choosing a lens and using it well
  • Using the Zone System to master exposure
  • Managing depth-of-field
  • Filters: when and how to use them
  • Getting the right information onto film
  • Decisions at the time of exposure that will help in printing
  • Selective Masking for hands-free dodging and burning
  • Finishing and presentation


Who Should Attend: Anyone with a working knowledge of film photography and darkroom fundamentals who wants to make more successful silver images.

Facility: Alan’s personal darkroom and studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Participants will be able to process film daily, but printing will be a combination of demonstration and hands-on, with participants taking turns working with their own negatives at Alan’s two enlargers.. 

Class Limit: 4 Students

Class Hours: Approximately 9 am to 5 pm with a lunch break around noon. 

Food and Lodging: Meals and lodging are the responsibility of each participant. Santa Fe is home to any number of hotels, motels, VRBOs and Airbnbs. 

Fee: $1,000 plus $50 materials fee

Cancellations and Refunds: If you need to cancel, please email or write to us before May 1 and your full payment will be refunded. If you cancel after May 1, there will no refunds, but your payment can be credited towards a future workshop with Alan.

COVID Safety: Because we will be working in my home and in close quarters, we ask that all participants be fully vaccinated. A negative test upon arrival in Santa Fe is also appreciated.

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