Dallas, April 1, 2017

Elevating Your Creative Vision

April 1, 2017

Sun to Moon Gallery, Dallas


The difference between a snapshot and an expressive image is often found in the details….camera placement, lens choice, framing and elimination of distractions.

Join Alan for a day of inspired learning in Dallas, Texas and find out what you need to do to move your photography forward into the realm of expression and technical excellence.


Among the Topics Covered

Visualization Ansel Adams Style: Transcending the Moment

Understanding the difference between the literal – What is in front of your lens vs. the reality of what is in your head, and how to use it to your advantage.

Essentials of Photography

Nailing the Exposure – Know your limits and understand the histogram. It is your friend! There’s no substitute for getting it right in the field.

Understanding and Choosing Lenses – What are the “personalities” of different lenses and which lenses work best to help achieve the creative results you’re looking for?

Creating Compelling Compositions – Evaluating the elements of a scene to make their relationships to each other most effective.

In addition to discussion of creative & technical issues for creating better images, there will be:

– Discussions and critique of participants’ images submitted in advance for on-screen review.

– A short photography session in the neighborhood with Alan Ross and Scot Miller, followed by a review and critique of participants’ images captured in the field.

What to Bring

– Camera and tripod

– Laptop loaded with image editing software you are comfortable working with (Photoshop or Lightrom, for example)

– USB stick for transferring images to the classroom screen and live critique and editing

Details and To Register

– Cost is $350 for the day. Lunch is included.

– Class size limited to 9 to allow for maximum time and interaction with Alan.

– Registration is through Sun to Moon Gallery. Visit the Sun to Moon website for details, or call 214-745-1199 to secure your spot. MasterCard, Visa and checks accepted.