“Mastering Photography” Workshops 

“Chance Favors the Prepared Mind” was one of Ansel Adams’ favorite expressions. And it was his own prepared mind that allowed him to so successfully realize his artistic vision.

Prepare your mind for the moment when light, beauty and chance define opportunity by learning to connect Ansel’s approach and mastery with today’s tools and technologies.

Under the guidance of long-time Adams assistant and master photographer Alan Ross, you will understand how to see, interpret and express so that you can translate moments of inspiration and opportunity into compelling images with skill and confidence.

Your workshop experience can range from a one-on-one custom session in Alan’s Santa Fe studio, to a small-group workshop on location in venues ranging from the visually captivating Southwest to Yosemite, Scotland, Greece and beyond.

Whatever your style or format–color or black-and-white, film or digital, large format or 35mm–Alan is dedicated to helping you merge vision, passion and craft.

“Alan is one of the most generous and talented photography teachers I know. His easy-going manner and straight-forward teaching style allows students of all abilities to feel comfortable with the lessons being taught and confident in asking questions. To Alan, the only bad question is the one not asked.”  ~ Eric B., Colorado

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