Thank’s to today’s technology, you can work with Alan face-to-face and get the photographic support you need…all without leaving home. Whether it’s a custom private coaching session or a small group workshop highlighting a specific technique or topic, Alan can help you hone your photography skills and clarify your own photographic voice.

Small Group Sessions

For those who want to keep the cost down but the learning level high, consider joining one of Alan’s small group workshops. Limited to 5 participants, sessions are interactive and include plenty of time for questions and conversation.

Alan’s virtual workshops use Zoom to connect and each session is recorded so you can refer to it over and over again. Choose from one of the following topics or get a group of photo buddies together and create your own session.

NEW! Exposing Exposure

One of the few absolutes in photography is exposure…blow out your highlights or lose your shadow detail and you won’t have the raw material you need to play with and interpret your image. In 60 minutes, Alan will “expose” all you need to know to nail your exposures, time and time again. New August schedule coming soon. $50 [Full Description.]

NEW! Introduction to Selective Masking

Selective Masking is a detailed and controlled dodging and burning darkroom printing technique Alan developed to give him absolute control over nuance and subtlety without the fuss and precision of pin registration. At its simplest, Selective Masking is just a pencil and paper job; at its most complex, it can involve multiple masks created in Photoshop. Either approach can make previously difficult or nearly impossible-to-print negatives, printable. 60 Minutes. New August schedule coming soon. $50 [Full Description.] 

The Magic of Black-and-White

By its very nature, black-and-white is an abstraction of reality. Alan will share how he “sees” in black-and-white, explore what makes a successful black-and-white image, and show you his favorite tips and techniques for converting your images to black-and-white and creating a tonally rich final image. $90 per person, minimum of 2, maximum of 5 participants. Ninety minutes. New schedule coming soon. $75 [Full Description.] 

Beyond the Snapshot: Expressing Your Vision

Snapshots are great, but most of us want to go deeper with our photography and share a feeling, an experience or a reaction. We want to tell a story. Let Alan take you step-by-step through how he “sees” photographically and how he approaches creating an image that expresses his personal vision. $90 per person, minimum of 2, maximum of 5 participants. Ninety minutes. New schedule coming soon. $75 [Full Description]

Bringing Your Image to Life

Let Alan take one of your images from “meh” to “wow” in this two-hour workshop.  Using participant images, Alan will talk you through the tools and techniques he uses to transform an image, translating the literal to something more personal and expressive.  Think of it as an image “makeover.” You’ll not only enjoy seeing what he can do with your image, you’ll learn how to post-process quickly and effectively by watching how he transforms other participant images. After the session, you’ll receive your edited image file. $90 per person, minimum of 2, maximum of 5 participants. Ninety minutes. New schedule coming soon.  $90 [Full Description.]

One-on-One Sessions

If you’re someone who works best one-on-one, join Alan for a private online workshop tailored specifically to your needs and interests. Image editing, problem solving, exposure help…Alan can help. $150 for 90 minutes, additional time billed in 1/2 hour increments. For more detailed information and to schedule your session, click here

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