In-person workshops are great, but sometimes just not possible due to timing, finances, or these days…COVID.

That doesn’t mean your photography learning has to come to a standstill, or that you can’t experience the energy and enthusiasm that comes from spending time with others who share your passion for photography. Thanks to Zoom and other virtual meeting platforms, you can still learn face-to-face with Alan to get all the photographic support you need…mask-free and without leaving home.

Whether it’s a custom private coaching session or a small group workshop highlighting a specific technique or approach, Alan is ready to meet you where you are and move you along on your photographic journey.

Small Group Sessions

For those who want to keep the cost down but the learning level high, consider joining one of Alan’s small group workshops. Limited to 5 participants, sessions are interactive and include plenty of time for questions and conversation.

Alan’s virtual workshops use Zoom to connect and each session is recorded so you can refer to the information over and over again. Choose from one of the following topics or get a group of photo buddies together and create your own session.

New! Finishing and Presentation

When does an image become a photograph? At the time of exposure or capture? At the time of printing or post processing? When you actually hang it on your wall? Whatever your thoughts, it’s a shame to go to all the time and trouble of creating an image and then just letting it exist only as a file in your computer or as a negative in a sleeve.

In this one-hour of fun, Alan will show you how to finish and present your images, from spotting to mounting to over-matting. He’ll share some of his best tips and tricks for taking the angst out of the process. By the end of the session, you’ll have the knowledge and the confident to finish an image of your own.

Limited to 5 participants. $50 per person. Sixty minutes.

Current Schedule: New dates coming June 2021 [Full Description]

New! Advanced Black-and-White Film Testing

Question…if the film speed is clearly marked on the box, why do I need to test it? Answer? Because that film speed on the box was created in a laboratory and is not necessarily what you will get with your own equipment. That has serious implications for the accuracy of your exposures.

In the basic black-and-white film testing workshop, Alan covered the basics, including determining the limits of under- and over-exposure, why a spot meter might be your new best friend, and how to do some low-tech testing to figure out how your film and meter work together.

In this follow-up workshop, Alan will take it a step further and show you how to use a densitometer to plot curves and determine your personal film speed and development time, bringing you closer to nailing exposures every time.

Limited to 5 participants. $50 per person. Sixty minutes.

Current schedule: New dates coming June 2021 [Full Description]

New! Intro to Variable Contrast Printing

There was a time not so long when when no “serious” photographer even considered variable contrast papers in darkroom printing. Graded papers were the clear choice, and camera store shelves were overflowing with paper boxes from the likes of Brovira, Ilfobrom and Seagull in as many as six different grades. Today, this array of packaging , sizes, brands and surfaces are still there, but all the grades (and more) fit into one box instead of many.

In this workshop, Alan will cover the basics of variable contrast printing and show you the real blessing of variable contrast papers…the ability to use multiple contrasts in a single print.

Limited to 5 participants. $50 per person. Sixty minutes.

Current schedule: New dates coming June 2021 [Full Description]

New! Hands-on Selective Masking

Selective Masking is essentially a hands-free dodging and burning technique Alan developed to help him bring out the most nuanced range of tones in an image and create consistency from printing to printing. It’s especially useful with difficult-to-print negatives or those that require simultaneous dodging and burning in multiple areas. At its simplest, Selective Masking uses just pencil and mylar; at its most complex, it can involved multiple digital masks created in Photoshop.

In this new workshop, designed as a follow-up to “Intro to Selective Masking” and “Selective Masking…the Next Step,” Alan will create a basic mask for one image from each participant. You’ll receive the file at the conclusion of the workshop to use as reference, in printing, or to build on for a more complex mask. You’ll not only learn by watching Alan work with your image, you’ll learn about masking by watching what he does with other participant images.

Limited to 5 participants. $75 per person. 90 minutes.

Current schedule: New dates coming June 2021 [Full Description]

Darkroom Dodging and Burning…Getting the Upper Hand

In all his years of teaching, darkroom dodging and burning stands out to Alan as the one thing that seems universally intimidating to most students. Alan confesses to a little intimidation himself when he first watched Ansel Adams dodge and burn with the grace and fluidity of a ballet dancer. Ansel’s secrets…practice, confidence and using a metronome as his timer! A simpler formula, but one that works.

In this 30-minute virtual workshop, Alan will take you step-by-step through darkroom dodging and burning…from his favorite tools to using a metronome as a timer to his best tips and tricks for taking the fear out of the process and coaxing the richest tones possible out of your prints.

Limited to 5 participants. $35 per person. Thirty minutes.

Current schedule: New dates coming June 2021 [Full Description]

Zooming in on the Zone System

Ansel Adams’ Zone System is possibly the most misunderstood photographic technique out there, and that’s a real shame. Used as originally intended by Ansel and his photo buddy Fred Archer, it’s a simple and foolproof way to put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to determining which tones are most important and how they will look in a final image. Isn’t the driver’s seat where you want to be when it comes to your own photographic expression?

In this virtual one-hour workshop, Alan will demystify and simplify the Zone System, showing you what an important tool it can be in the creation of an expressive image, film or digital.

Limited to 5 participants. $50 per person. Sixty minutes.

Current Schedule: New dates coming June 2021 [Full Description]

Exposing Exposure

One of the few absolutes in photography is exposure…blow out your highlights or lose your shadow detail and you won’t have the raw material you need to “play” with and interpret your image. Spend too long agonizing over how to calculate your exposure and your scene might be gone.

In 60 minutes, Alan will “expose” all you need to know to nail your exposures efficiently and accurately, time and time again.

Limited to 5 participants. $50 per person. Sixty minutes.

Current schedule: New dates coming June 2021 [Full Description]

Intro to Black-and-White Film Testing

Ted Orland, Ansel Adams’ assistant before Alan, made the humorous observation that no two light meters agree. We might get a good chuckle out of it, but it’s really important to understand just how true it actually is and how it affects your photographic results.

The reality is that the film speed listed on the box is determined by scientific factors that may not actually apply to evaluating a scene using a light meter, let alone your own light meter. If you want to know you”ll have a useable image when you click the shutter instead of hoping for the best, you need to test your film.

Join Alan for an hour as he explores the essentials for testing your film and developing your own person film speed and development times. $50 per person.

Limited to. 5 participants. $50 per person. Sixty minutes.

Current Schedule: New dates coming June 2021 [Full Description]

Photo Zoom-Ins

For those who don’t need specific help or instruction, but still want feedback on their images, to talk about photography, get answers or clarification on anything photography related, recharge their artistic batteries…this FREE OF CHARGE session might be for you.

On the first Sunday of each month, Alan will be available for an informal photography “zoom-in.” Stay as long as you like, ask as many questions as you need answers to, and enjoy the camaraderie of being with others who share your passion for photography.

Current schedule: Sunday, May 2nd, 10 – 11:30 am, Mountain Time [Sign Up]

One-on-One Sessions

If you’re someone who works best one-on-one, join Alan for a private online workshop tailored specifically to your needs and interests. Image editing, problem solving, exposure help…Alan can help. $150 for 90 minutes, additional time billed in 1/2 hour increments. For more detailed information and to schedule your session, click here

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