Advanced Black-and-White Film Testing

Did you know that the film speed listed on that box of film you just ordered was created in a laboratory using scientific factors and doesn’t relate much at all to the results you get with your own equipment? If you rely on the number on the box, you’ll more than likely end up with under- or over-exposed negatives. Frustrating, but true.

In this workshop, Alan will go a step beyond basic and low-tech black-and-white film testing and use a densitometer to find your personal film speed and development times. Among the things he’ll cover:

  • How to expose test film
  • Differences in testing roll film and sheet film
  • Plotting curves from densitometer readings
  • Developing your personal film and development times based on your equipment

This is one hour that will move you closer to nailing your exposures.

Limited to 5 participants. $50 per person. 60 minutes.

Current Schedule:

New sessions coming June 2021

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