Darkroom Dodging and Burning…Getting the Upper Hand

Darkroom dodging and burning is the one thing that seems universally terrifying to many aspiring photographers. Alan honed his skills and artistry working side-by-side with Ansel Adams…transitioning from anxious to confident master.

In this 30-minute virtual workshop, Alan will help you be less fearful and more confident by walking you step-by-step through his techniques for dodging and burning and sharing his favorite tips and tricks for bringing out the best tones and nuance in your silver prints. Among the things he’ll cover:

  • His favorite dodging and burning tools
  • How using a metronome as a timer gives you a more accurate and repeatable count. If you don’t know what you did, you can’t modify it!
  • Finding your grace…ways to smooth out your technique to give you the best results possible

Limited to 5 participants. 30 minutes. $35 per person.

Current schedule:

New schedule coming June 2021

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