Exposing Exposure

One of the few absolutes in photography is exposure. If you blow out your highlights or lose your shadow detail, you won’t have the raw material necessary to play with and interpret your images. 

In this one-hour online workshop, Alan will cover everything you need to know to nail your exposure, time and again. Among the specifics he’ll cover:

  • How light works on film or sensors
  • Meter options
  • Why a spot meter could be your new best friend
  • How to get the upper hand with your in-camera meter
  • Ansel Adams’ Zone System and how it puts you in charge of how tones are rendered in your images
  • Calculating your exposure with just one reading

Limited to 5 participants. One hour of information-packed fun.

Current schedule:

Wednesday, June 24th, 10 – 11 am, Mountain Time

Thursday, July 2nd, 3 – 4 pm, Mountain Time

Just added: Thursday, July 9th, 10 – 11 am, Mountain Time

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