Filters: Why and How to Use Them Working in Black-and-White

Filters have been an essential part of black-and-white film photography for decades. The right filter can create mood in an otherwise bland sky, intensify contrast in tonally similar subject matter or skew color relationships to great effect. But if you think filters are just for analog photographers, think again! Understanding how color filters work can also hep you post-process your digital “negatives” more effectively and successfully.

Let Alan explain the nuts and bolts of how color works in black-and-white and how to either use filters at the time of exposure (film workers) or create a filter effect when post processing to successfully express your vision in a finished image. On the agenda:

  • How colors work and why that’s important for black-and-white photography
  • Using filters at the time of exposure in film photography to make life easier in the darkroom
  • Mimicking filter effects in post processing to create depth and nuance
  • How to skew colors to zero in on the image you visualized

Small group setting. $50 per person. Current schedule: Sunday, March 13th, 10 – 11 am, MDT.

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