The Magic of Black-and-White

Working in black-and-white can be extremely liberating, both artistically and photographically. By its very nature, black-and-white is an abstraction of reality, giving the photographer an incredibly free hand in interpreting shapes, colors, textures and relationships in a scene.

Join Alan for this information-packed small group workshop and discover the magic of black-and-white for yourself.

• Learn how to “see” and visualize in black-and-white
• Explore the elements of making a successful and compelling black-and-white image
• Discover how you can use the colors in a scene in a variety of ways, allowing you to interpret them to best suit the feeling you want to convey
• See how to work with a range of tones to say something about how you feel about your subject…a liberation from the “reality” in front of your lens
• Understand how to create this magic with film or pixels…using filters for film, and a range of conversion options from digital captures
• Learn why many do-it-for-you black-and-white conversion applications may not be your best option
• Simplify your post-processing approach with some of Alan’s favorite tools and techniques

Limited to 5 participants. $50 per person. Sixty minutes of fun and inspiration. You will receive a recording of the entire session that you can refer to time and again as you explore the world of black-and-white photography.

Current Schedule:

New sessions coming January 2021.

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