Intro to Digital Masking

Sometimes an image is just a bear to print in the darkroom, even with a solid exposure and strong composition and tonal values. Maybe it needs dodging and burning in multiple areas simultaneously, but you only have two hands. Maybe, despite all the tricks-of-the-trade by a master in the darkroom, the tones and nuance you envision are elusive. Or maybe it’s nearly impossible to get consistent results when making multiple prints of the same image. Sometimes it’s the small tweaks that make the difference between so-so and an image that makes your jaw drop.

Enter Selective Masking. Alan developed this darkroom printing technique as a way to more easily and effectively print difficult negatives and to give him consistency from print to print. This method is hands-free and allows Alan to dodge and burn in the multiple places at the same time, or modify image contrast in multiple areas. It gives him absolute control over nuance and tonal range without the fuss and precision of pin registration or the limitations of traditional dodging and burning.

In this one-hour virtual workshop, Alan will take you to the next step in his Selective Masking process…digital masks. He’ll walk you through the entire process using an actual image and carefully explaining the “how’s and why’s” in creating the effect he wants.

Selective Masking has revolutionized Alan’s darkroom printing…let him help you do the same with this one-hour, information-packed, session.

Limited to 5 participants. $50 per person. One hour.

Current schedule: Saturday, July 31st, 10 – 11 am, MDT.

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