It’s always a pleasure sharing my passion and expertise in black-and-white photography. And helping photographers of all ages and levels of experience express their own photographic vision is a privilege. Here are a few comments from folks about the sessions:



“I learned more from Alan in two days than I learned in a week during other workshops.”     Anonymous, California


“I’m not sure I ever thanked you for the time you spent on our second
workshop with you.  You had just returned from your trip to Scotland
(2008?)[was 2004], and had finished processing the film, produced contacts, and maybe
made a few trial prints. You were kind enough to show what you had done; I
was quite curious what the “batting average” of a master photographer was.

Well, while virtually free of the unintended (but no doubt artistic)
double-exposures and under-exposures that typified my work, the Scotland
prints weren’t a gallery of “Bridalveil Fall in Storm” either.  You made the
same point then that you make in your blog… not every shot is perfection.
It was a relief to see that even a master didn’t bat 1000.

What has struck me since seeing those early Scotland images is how many you
have turned into stunning prints. What comes through in both your work, as
well as Ansel’s, is relooking at negatives you might have passed over the
first time, either finding the vision that caused you to take the photo in
the first place but passed over in the contact, or reimagining it based on a
fresh look.

I for one am delighted at you new year’s non-resolution to return to the
vault. And thanks again for helping me see that not every photo has to be
perfection (though I’m still hoping for the second lightening strike ;-).” ~ Conrad M., Houston


“There will always be great conversations about Alan from those who practice black and white photography. But if there was ever one area that is continually overlooked by digital photographers, it is that Alan is a gifted photographer. That means that he is able to help one define their photographic style, strengths, and weaknesses, regardless of the format. For most of my career, I have practiced large format B&W imagery. But during a private workshop with Alan, he discussed with me that my strengths lied in the abstract, not in the “grand” landscape. This might be difficult for some to hear, but he did it with sensitivity and compassion for the work that I had been doing.

After my last workshop with Alan, I “switched” to full-frame digital color photography, with an emphasis on abstracts and working within the urban environment. Alan was hugely supportive of this new approach as he felt that I had begun to blaze a trail of my own vision. Since persuing this new pathway, my excitement for the medium has grown exponentially, and I recently was asked to provide a showing of works for a major art gallery in my local market. Alan did not just teach me how to master the technical, but, more importantly,  to strengthen my ability to “see,” which crosses all formats within the photography medium.” ~ Chuck T., Tennessee


“Alan is one of the most generous and talented photography teachers I know. His easy-going manner and straight-forward teaching style allows students of all abilities to feel comfortable with the lessons being taught and confident in asking questions. To Alan, the only bad question is the one not asked. I always learn from him, and I know my own image-making has greatly improved thanks to his teachings, writings and openness. In addition, Alan is very generous with his time and support even after the workshop is over, as he is always willing to help a student work out the solution to his or her photographic problems. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know Alan over the years and am inspired to continue my own photographic journey thanks to his beautiful photographs, insightful teachings and generous support.”  ~ Eric B., Colorado


“I have traveled with Alan on two of his fall jaunts: Death Valley and Fall Road Trip. Both were more than excellent. Let me put it this way:  Alan is the ultimate photo accessory! Whatever your format–35mm, medium, large, or digital, Alan will inspire you. Advice on technical and aesthetic issues is always available. And, I have to say, just being around Alan–with his decades of experience in fine art photography–is worth the price of admission. Over the last 30 years, I have done workshops from Maine to California; Alan’s are the one’s I remember and enjoy the most.” ~ Gene A., New Mexico


“Alan is a wonderful teacher whose passion for photography always shines through. His copious knowledge of technique, composition, work with light, and especially shadows, opened up a new dimension of photography for me and improved my skills, starting with the first lessons. And nowhere else have I learned as much about the pros and cons of the digital approach compared to analog. I also appreciate Alan’s patience, concentration and precision at work, as well as his constantly honest and friendly critiques.  ~ Daria B., Switzerland


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