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Alan is always happy to answer questions, provide technical input or otherwise support your photographic efforts. You can contact him for help in one of the following ways: Email: Telephone: 505.466.2335.  


“Mastering Photography” Workshops  “Chance Favors the Prepared Mind” was one of Ansel Adams’ favorite expressions. And it was his own prepared mind that allowed him to so successfully realize his artistic vision. Prepare your mind for the moment when light, beauty and chance define opportunity by learning to connect Ansel’s approach and mastery with today’s tools and

Alan and Ansel Adams

I think Ansel was probably one of the most even-tempered people I have ever met. Though always a hard worker he was also a jokester at heart. He knew he had become an important figure in environmental and photographic causes, and he constantly put this stature to good use. Very often, by the time I

About Alan Ross

  Alan Ross is an internationally respected master photographer and educator who worked side-by-side with Ansel Adams as his photographic assistant. He knows Adams’ approach and technique perhaps better than any other photographer today. As an artist, Alan is best known for his tonally exquisite black-and-white photographs of the American west; his photographs hang in

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