Assisting Ansel….Getting the Job

People often ask how I managed to land a job with the man who would become the most noted photographer of the 20th-century.  Ansel always liked to say that “chance favors the prepared mind,”  and maybe that’s what happened.  Here’s the story…you can decide! After graduating from UC Berkeley in 1971, I had the good

Adams Trust and Norsigian Group Settlement

JOINT STATEMENT BY THE ANSEL ADAMS PUBLISHING RIGHTS TRUST, RICK NORSIGIAN AND PRS MEDIA PARTNERS, LLC REGARDING SETTLEMENT OF LITIGATION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE San Francisco and Los Angeles, California March 14, 2011 On August 23,2010, The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust filed a civil complaint in the United States District Court for the Northern District

Lost Adams Plates Update

“Lost” Adams Plates – a brief update from my point of view.  My last newsletter of July 27 stressed that those of us close to Ansel did not believe the work was his.  In the ensuing time significant issues have come to light suggesting the work is really that of a Fresno, California photographer named

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